Positive ways to make a change in Dallas

This summer, find ways to make a difference in your community.

A waiter is taking orders at the Taste Community Restaurant in a somewhat crowded dining room with customers.

Taste Community Restaurant started in 2017 with its first location in Fort Worth.


Are you looking for ways to make an impact in Dallas this summer? We have curated a few clubs, shops, and organizations where you can get started.

The Barking Project
This nonprofit organization works to save the lives of dogs facing euthanasia in Texas shelters due to overcrowding.

By hosting different pop-up events around the DFW metroplex, the organization has been able to house more than 80+ animals and rescue 19 animals so far in 2024. Follow their Instagram for updates on volunteer opportunities.

This professional skate park and community hub is working to create resources + programs for kids, families, and the environment.

The service-driven community is always looking for volunteers to help with upcoming projects and events.

Daddy Stroller Social Club
The Daddy Stroller Social Club was created as a safe space for fathers in the DFW community. Centralized around Black and Brown male mental health and support for first-time fathers, it has now become a social hub of community and resources for all fathers and families. Currently, the group is accepting donations to host monthly meetups.

ThriftForGood Denton
You are making a difference when you shop at this retail shop, which focuses on greener and more sustainable fashion.

Beyond shopping, you can donate. With each donation, 25% of the proceeds go to a charity of your choice. Donated goods that don’t sell are given to the TFG Charitable Supply, which distributes items to various charities.

A picture of thrifted clothes from Thrfit4Good Denton

A picture of thrifted clothes from Thrfit4Good Denton

The Taste Project
Fort Worth’s Taste Community Restaurant has a unique pay-what-you-can-policy — the goal is to “feed people one community at a time.” Patrons who can’t pay can volunteer to work in exchange for a meal. Additionally, the eatery is always looking for volunteers for kitchen and serving staff.

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